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    In this section of "Windows Addict" you will find some useful software that you may need in your daily basis work. This software is not belonging to me, and I will not assume property or responsibility for the use, misuse and other things by the downloader. These are all freeware (unless specifically mentioned otherwise), and you can as well download them from other websites, that is if you can find them and you don't have to complete 10000 questionnaires to get them .

        Most of the software on this page is archived, so, if you don't have the "proper tool", I would recommend to start your "download spree" with WinAce.

        In the unlikely event that you will have some problems with your download, or you want to suggest one or more software that you would like to see on this page, feel free to contact me on dorin@windows-addict.com, or leave a comment...

        So, without any other "blah-blah-blah", here it comes: