Post # 8, 16.12.2017 - A sad day for all our friends...


   On this day, God realized he's one angel short in Heaven, so he called upon one of the nicest, quiet, big-hearted person I ever met, Adi Pieptea.

Rest In Peace my dear friend; we will miss you, and the world will be a bit bleaker without you !





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        Post # 7, 08.06.2015 - This is a troll free website, and I'll do what I can to keep it that way !

    As you can see, on my website there are a lot of like-dislike buttons, comments, etc. And these are there to provide a feedback, to tell me whether someone likes a post, video, or anything else those comments or like-dislike buttons are associated with.

And still, it's very easy to just click "dislike", just because.... I dunno, ...someone feels like it ! So, let's make it a little bit harder, and get a little bit "selective", or, why not, meaner.

So, from now onwards, don't be surprised why your "dislike" disappeared in thin air. Unless there is a reason for you to click that button, don't f*****g do it !!!

Long story short, all the "Dislike" votes that are casted without writing the reason for it in the comment area will be resetted !

     SO, IF YOU TRULLY DISLIKE SOMETHING, LET US KNOW WHY ! Don't just push a button like a f*****g lunatic !

     Thanks for your cooperation and understanding !


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        Post # 6, 01.03.2015 - "Yahoo!" crew - just a bunch of yahoos, while MSN becomes the Messiest Service on the Net

    In an era where electronic information is almost vital for the society, where every newborn gets, practically, a birth certificate and an e-mail address, almost 75% of the population possesses an e-mail. And at the top of the favourites lists is "Yahoo!" and "Hotmail (presently MSN)"; and this for they are ...correction...were the best. I say were because it seems they got tired of being excellent, so what they thought..."Hey, let's screw up the things a bit, for we're really missing a nice law suit against us !" - this or there can be another reason: they hired trained monkeys so they can pay them in the low international currency of bananas.
    So, let me tell you a story:
    Recently I went for a well deserved holiday overseas, away from all the stressful and tumultuous city life. I arrived at the hotel, and...did my all kind of holiday things; after a couple of days, wanted to check my e-mail to see what my friends are doing, maybe send a couple of pictures....just to make them jealous....
And....surprise surprise..."
Hotmail" greeted me with "something dodgy is happening, please confirm that is really you trying to access your own account"; ok, fair enough, let's confirm. And what are my options ? To receive a call or a text on my mobile -- hmmm, not really.....remember, I am in a foreign country, no roaming, and my mobile supplier has no signal here.... but wait, there's another option..... e-mail me on my other e-mail, on "Yahoo!" - yes, this could be it ! Just a small problem: "Yahoo!" is asking me the same crap, and wants to call me, text me, or send my password to "Hotmail" !!! Well, isn't that sweet ? What happened to the logical thinking ? I'm a computer programmer myself, and the first rule of programming is to take in account all kind of situations !!! I agree, my ISP changed, but what the heck ? I have to use only one location to successfully access my e-mail ? That's why it's an e-mail, so it could be accessed from anywhere !!! If no, I have a phone, you yoyos !!!!
So, there's no way to access my own account....oh, no, wait ! I am saved ! "
Hotmail" offers me the chance to recover my account by completing a form and giving them some info ! Ok, let's do it ! So, I completed the form, giving them my name, date of birth, location, my secret question's answer, and providing them with my personal "Godaddy" e-mail, and I pressed "Send". Soon enough I received their answer, and, boy, they confirmed they are as stupid as they look !!!! They said I didn't gave them enough details !!! Now what the heck ???? What else they want ? Who I lastly shagged ? Maybe the names of her father's army colleagues ? So I checked the form again, and, let me tell you, they're not asking for too many things.....just the subjects of the last sent e-mails, the addresses of the people who e-mailed me.....I wonder if the "Nigerian National Bank" Well, let me search for the papers where I'm writing down all the e-mails I'm sending and receiving, and then......ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR FLIPPING MIND ?????? Who the heck remembers these things ? Buttheads !!!!

    Remaining in the same "ISP changing" area, well, look at "Facebook" !!! Really ! All my respects to the people working at "Facebook" ! I take my hat off for you in awe and admiration ! "Facebook" warned me that there's something not quite right with my ISP, and they just showed me a bunch of my friends photos, asking me to recognize them ! And after that, when they realized it's really me, they let me use my account ! Why they can and the other bozos don't ?
    I understand that security is important, but when your own bodyguards make you sleep in the park because you bought a car that they can't recognize, well....
    If you had a similar experience, don't hesitate to contact me on my "
Hotmail" address, at....just kidding ..... just shoot me an e-mail or leave a comment !

            Have fun, and keep the distance from blind bodyguards !

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       Post # 5, 23.06.2014 - Happy birthday "windows-addict" !

   It's been a year since an idea got a...more or less ... palpable form, becoming a reality. Yes, my dear ...few visitors ..., today we (or at least I ) celebrate one year since this website came to exist. What in the beginning was no more than a coding exercise, to see if I still "got" it, became in time a more complex website, with mixed content. I confess, lately there are only a few things I added among this pages, and the time spent coding was reduced drastically, but still  I tried to update and maintain the contents; what is true is I learned a lot from building this site, and even though I'm still just a beginner in this "area of expertise", I can say that I can already do a lot of things !

     Either if you helped building or maintaining this website, if you provided me with a gadget, information ar anything else for its pages, if you wrote in the forum page, or only watched the movies on it, or even if you just visited only by mistake, thank you ! Thank you for giving a glance, thank you for leaving a feedback, and even thank you for your critics !

     Happy birthday, "windows-addict", and wishing you many birthday celebrations in the years to come !

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        Post # 4, 07.06.2014

    Just lost all the data that I had on my WD external HDD... It's not too much, only about 1.2 TB of nice things..... This happened yesterday - got an external WD My book II dual  HDD with Raid, containing 2x1 TB Hard Disks; I didn't check it properly, and didn't noticed that it was set on Raid 1, which is a mirrored configuration (everything gets saved 2 times, once on each disks);  I changed one hard from there with my existent 2 TB WD, and....voila, the sun of a gun immediately started to format my hard to be the same like the other one - I mean Empty; Well, WD, scr@! you !!! Have you heard about warnings and things like these ? What about using them ???

    Anyway, now I'm trying all kind of recovery since yesterday, but I have a grim feeling that I just lost 4 years of work already ! If anyone has any idea, your help is more than appreciated !


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        Post # 3, 03.06.2014

    Ok, and now some gaming news... It's not that I'm a passionate gamer, but it's nice from time to time to engage myself in some "buttoning" activities, specially if it concerns some long-series running and very popular games.

   Just finished playing "Wolfenstein-The New Order", the new game from the Wolfenstein series, released in 2014 by "Bethesda Softworks".

    I think I don't have to say it's a fantastic game, as all of the "Wolfensteins", each on their own time, always bringing a new and suspenseful story. Although, to tell you the truth, personally I found the story development a little bit weaker than the 2009 "Wolfenstein"'s game; but, hey, let's give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, right ?

    The graphics are absolutely astonishing (...which may result in a resources-hungry application , so you'll need a pretty good rig to run it), and the control sensitivity and easiness of movement are excellent. On the down side, the size of this game tell everything: 43 GB in installation kit only !!! But, surely, its worth it !

    Filled with action, with a good, strong, interesting and sometimes sad storyline, easy to play and super graphics, I really recommend this game !



   Another new game that really caught my eye is "Collapse", made by the Russians from "Creoteam".

    Graphics wise, it's a well designed game, with excellent resolution, good luminosity and interesting layouts.

    The controls are pretty simple, and the character responds very well at commands, although it's movements, and actually all game character's movements, are a little bit chunky.

    The design, the story, the characters and the way they move reminds me of some of the popular games, awakening even a little nostalgia, as resembles "Half life", "Bloodrayne" and a little bit "Prince of Persia".

    The story is pretty interesting, and, putting aside the fact that the dialogues are in Russian (well, learn the language, no ? - just kidding, there are English subtitles), it is captivating and mysterious in a way.

    So, if you want to try something more "exotic", or you want to be reminded of the "golden games" from the past while still playing something new, then "Collapse" is your game ! To tell the truth, I was pretty impressed by it !


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        Post # 2, 15.05.2014

    Someone,...don't give names, recently did a culinary masterpiece out of meringue filling. As you can see in the picture, we're talking about a letter from a word, made out of the delicious material, more to the point, the letter "T" ; - wonderful !...but what if we rotate this image ? Care to try ? ...

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        Post # 1, 14.05.2014

    Finally I succeeded, somehow, to be bothered enough to actually create this blog page. It was 'on paper' for quite a while now, but, to tell you the truth, coding it....that seemed to be a drag . Anyway, now it's done, but the real hustle just begins, as I haven't got any clue what should I write. But, like the blind man said, "we will live and we will see" !

    The first entry that I always wanted to write in my blog was, in fact, sort of response to everyone criticizing the aspect of my web-site: don't get me wrong, I'm not considering myself a web-designer guru or anything, and I really do appreciate some advice, but now depends on the "used tone"; some people, and by this I mean like 85%, are telling me that my pages are too colorful, and I should redesign the site to be more professional, following the line of every other existent site. Now, my answer is this: this is MY website, and one thing that I hate is to "follow the heard" and do everything as it is written in the unpublished book of uniformity ! Well, not quite ! I want this one to be a little different from the others, to stand on it's own, whether if it's good or bad, but at the end of the day, I want it to make a point !

    Anyway, I really hope that you'll find on my pages what you are looking for, and, most of all, ... have fun !

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Dorin [on: 01.05.14]

If you want your comment to be treated seriously, please specify the blog post this comment is addressed to.

Chris [on: 18.05.14]

Regarding Post #1: Thing want people to stay on your site or keep it for yourself o ly? :p

Simon [on: 14.04.16]

Your a star

Dorin [on: 21.04.16]

@ Simon: Thanks !